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Pocket Calcium meter featuring HORIBA unique flat sensor technology (Calcium Ion Selective Electrode) that allows measurement from a drop of sample as little as 0.3 ml.


⚫ This Calcium meter is ideal to measure solid samples such as soil or micro samples from plant sap (when only a few drops of plant sap can be extracted).

The meter can also be immersed in liquid samples (i.e. water samples or nutritive solutions).


⚫ HORIBA LAQUAtwin meter Ca-11 is fully waterproof (IP-67) and can deliver instant results, which makes it a perfect meter for easy and quick field-testing. The wide measurement range allows to measure most samples directly without having to do a dilution or filtration.


⚫ LAQUAtwin Calcium meter delivers precious information regarding the concentration of Calcium (Ca2+), one of the most important nutrients in soil and plant tissue (sap extract) as well as nutritive or hydroponic solutions.


⚫ Combined with TestAgro reference tables, this meter helps growers to quickly identify deficiencies in the field without having to wait for laboratory results or observe the visual effect on the plant. Growers can check the nutrition levels of crops and adjust the fertilization strategy based on meter results; also the meter can be used to verify if the nutritive solution mix has the desired calcium concentration.


This meter includes: plastic case • 150 & 2000 ppm calibration solutions (14ml each) • 2 x CR2032 batteries • dropper • instruction and quick manuals.


    HORIBA Calcium meter LAQUAtwin Ca-11

    SKU: 3200689161
      • Measurement range: 4 to 9900 ppm (mg/l)
      • Minimum sample volume: 0.3ml
      • Up to 2 calibration points
      • Auto calibration recognition: 150 & 2000 ppm calcium
      • Adjustable high and low calibration values
      • Multiplication compensation: 0.01 to 9.90
      • Temperature and mV display
      • Temperature calibration: 5 to 40.0 ºC
      • Auto hold / auto stable measurement
      • Auto power off: 30 mins.
      • Low battery indicator
      • IP67 Rating dust & waterproof
      • Replaceable sensor
      • 400 Hours battery life: continuous use without backlight
      • Material: ABS epoxy
      • Display: custom (monochrome) digital LCD with backlight
      • Operating conditions: 5 to 40 ºC, 85% or less relative humidity
      • Warranty: 2 years - meter, 6 months - sensor

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