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This digital Brix refractometer will measure sugar content of your fruit and food samples.

Essential tool in crop production


Hanna HI96801 is not bulky so you can carry it with you to the field to make necessary measurements (7.6 x 4.01 x 2.6”)

Eliminate human error in comparison to your analogue refractometers - get a precise reading with 0.1% resolution

Simplicity of instructions for new users: you are ready to operate it after reading the manual, no special knowledge required

With its size, ease of use and precision it is ideal for agriculture application or food production: measure Brix of fruit (melon, watermelon, tomatoes etc), sauce and bevergae business

measure easily with just two drops of your sample (100 μl)

  • 0 to 85% Brix range with an accuracy of ± 0.2%

Hanna Digital Brix Refractometer HI 96801 Range 0-85%

  • Sugar Content Range 0 to 85% Brix
    Sugar Content Resolution 0.1 % Brix
    Sugar Content Accuracy ±0.2% Brix
    Temperature Range 0.0 to 80.0°C (32.0 to 176.0°F)
    Temperature Resolution 0.1°C (0.1°F)
    Temperature Accuracy ±0.3°C (±0.5°F)
      after three minutes of non-use
    Battery type 9V / approximately 5000 readings
    Enclosure Rating  
    Refractometer Light Source  
    Refractometer Temperature Compensation  
    Minimum Sample Volume  
    Sample Cell  
    Measurement Time  
    What's included Battery and instruction manual


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