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Prepares your sap & soil sampling for further testing and analysis

Take this kit to the field and you will be able to do the following:


⚫ Extract the soil solution

The soil access tube and vacuum syringe will allow you to extract soil solution. This is a preferred soil testing method for greenhouse crops, horticulture and cultures with fertigation systems. You will obtain a solution that will then ready to be tested after leaving the tube in the soil for at least 6 hours.

⚫ Prepare soil sampling for testing

- Remove stones and organic matter with soil sieve

- Dilute & prepare soil samples with scale, water bottle, soil extractant, precision syringes and beakers

- Prepare the samples for testing with funnel and filters


⚫ Extract plant sap and prep it for analysis

- Collect leaves and separate the petioles with the pruner

- Squeeze and extract the fresh plant tissue with the sap press 


TestAgro Sampling Expert Kit