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With TestAgro professional kits you can perform frequent

lab-precise analysis on the field, measure nutrient availability

(nutrient absorption), and monitor up to 11 parameters

in soil, plant sap and nutritive solution.

Growers & Agronomists:
Measure All Key Crop and Soil Parameters

With All-In-One Testing Kits

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Discover The Agronomist Kit Collection

Nutricheck Max Open plant sap testing kit

NutriCheck Max

Complete parameter testing

Includes LAQUAtwin pH, EC, NO3, K, Ca, Na meters, Hanna Phosphorus meter, Atago Brix meter, Extech moisture meter and Irrometer tensiometer. Comes with calibration standards and reagents designed for intensive testing. 

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Basic nutrient and parameter testing

Includes LAQUAtwin pH, EC, NO3, K, Ca, Na meters, Hanna Phosphorus meter and temperature and humidity data logger. Comes with calibration standards and reagents designed for intensive testing.

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Sampling Expert

Prepares your soil & sap samples for further testing

Includes Soil Solution Access Tube (SSAT) lysimeter, syringes, sieve, sap press, soil extractant solution, scale, labware for sample testing and storage. Designed to be operated in the field conditions.


NutriCheck: A Better Way to Manage
Your Crop Nutrition

Read and record key crop parameters on the spot,
no special knowledge required
Nutricheck Max soil testing kit.png
Measure all of the following:
  1. pH with LAQUAtwin pH-11
  2. Conductivity (EC) with LAQUAtwin EC-11
  3. Nitrogen / Nitrate with LAQUAtwin NO-11
  4. Phosphorus with Hanna HI706
  5. Potassium with LAQUAtwin K-11
  6. Calcium with LAQUAtwin Ca-11
  7. Sodium with LAQUAtwin Na-11
  8. Brix with ATAGO PAL-1 refractometer
  9. Soil tension with Watermark sensor
  10. Soil humidity with Extech MO750
  11. Soil temperature with soil thermometer
Technology includes:
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ABF Anchor

A must-have for anyone growing hydroponic,
greenhouse, horticulture or open field crops​

How Can You Do What Matters For Your Crop,
If You Don't Have The Data on What Your Plant Needs?

Measure up to 13 parameters with NutriCheck series

All Kits Are Designed
for 5+ Applications

Crop Management


▪ Identify crop nutrients deficiency / excess

▪ Implement regular crop nutrients monitoring

▪ Use data obtained to implement a bespoke fertilization program

▪ Measure quality of irrigation water

▪ Stop wasting money on unnecessary fertilizer and produce better quality crop

Sap Testing

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▪ Identify your plant nutritional state in real time

▪ Analyze the efficiency of plant nutrient absorption

▪ Establish optimal nutrients range at different growing stages

Soil Testing


Prepare your soil samples or extract soil solutions to measure:

▪ Availability of the nutrients

▪ Soil pH, conductivity and salinity

▪ Soil moisture & temperature




▪ Analyze nutritive solution in your nutrient tanks (or a dripping system) as frequently as you need

▪ Assess the crop nutrient absorption: measure concentration in the hydroponic system entrance & exit

Environmental  conditions

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▪ Measure the temperature and relative humidity

▪ Record the temperature, see the max and minimum values and set alarms on your phone 

TestAgro Agronomist Kit

The Difference of NutriCheck Kits



savings vs. lab costs*

You save money every time you measure your crop in comparison to standard lab testing. By having your own professional testing kit, you set the intensity of your testing protocol and receive results on the spot.

Lab cost

our cost

*Average savings calculated over 1 year of monitoring based on weekly analysis

Graph for illustrative purposes only

calibration standards volume



Generous volume of each calibration solution gives you more value for everyday measurements. The volume is the perfect balance between having enough solution for the intensive testing protocol while not being too bulky to be easily carried every day to the field.

max weight of NutriCheck kits



All NutriCheck kits are created to offer a smart use of space: custom-made foam will hold the meters and solutions in place. While you are in the field, you can even perform the calibration and measurement with LAQUAtwin meters right inside the kits. Compact & easy to carry, NutriCheck Max weighs 8.5 pounds and NutriCheck kit only 6 pounds.

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  • I like your kit, but I don't need all of the meters inside. Am I able to customize it for my specific needs?
    Drop us a line in our 'contact us' form and we'll send you a custom quote.
  • What is the warranty for the meters?
    There is a 1-year warranty for every meter.
  • How often do I need to calibrate the meters?
    Generally, the more often you calibrate the meters, the more accurate your results will be. We recommend calibrating your ion meters every day before you start measuring. For pH and Conductivity meters, weekly calibration is often sufficient.
  • Can I do direct soil testing?
    Yes! We sell three meters that allow direct soil testing: Hanna Soil Conductivity Meter HI98331, Hanna Groline Soil pH Tester and Extech MO750 for direct soil moisture analysis. (You can find and order them under Kits & Instruments tab) For all the other parameters, sample preparation will be needed.

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Cheaper than lab testing

Suitable for vast majority of crops

Nutricheck Max Open plant sap testing kit

NutriCheck Max

NutriCheck no background.png


Sampling case.png

Sampling Expert

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