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This 1.41 mS/cm conductivity calibration solution will last up to 300 calibrations of LAQUAtwin meters.  Equivalent solution of HORIBA calibration solution Y071L.


⚫ Volume: 60 ml bottle with a twist top cap
⚫ Conductivity standard value: 1.41 mS/cm (1,413 µS/cm)

⚫ Made in USA


Compatible with HORIBA LAQUAtwin models EC-11 / EC-22 / EC-33, Hanna Instruments models HI98301, HI98303, HI98304, HI98311, HI98312, HI98318, HI98331, Extech meter model EC400, Oakton meters models Ecotestr CTS / CTS Testr 50 / EcoTestr Conductivity

Conductivity 1.41 mS/cm Calibration Solution


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